God Absorber Majin Buu BT3-051

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God Absorber Majin Buu BT3-051

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Common - Cross Worlds

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Type: [BATTLE] Power: 20000
Color: Blue
Card: BT3-051
Energy(Color Cost): 5
Combo Energy: 0
Combo Power: 5000
Character: Majin Buu
Special Trait:Majin
Era:Majin Buu Saga
Found In: Cross Worlds
Skill: Evolve two : <Grand Supreme Kai> (Play this card on top of the specified card) Double Strike (This card inflicts 2 damage instead of 1 when attacking) Permanent If this card would leave the Battle Area when there are any <Grand Supreme Kai> cards placed under this card, place all the cards under this card in the Drop Area instead.