Emissary of the Afterlife CP01-EN019

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Emissary of the Afterlife CP01-EN019


Common - Champion Pack 1


Stats: Fiend / Effect Level 4 ATK/1600 DEF/600
Card #: CP01-EN019
Found In: Champion Pack Season One
Description: When this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard, each player selects 1 Level 3 or lower Normal Monster from their Deck, and adds it to their hand after showing it to the opponent. The Decks are then shuffled.
Tradução: Quando esta carta vai do campo para o cemitério, cada jogador escolhe 1 monstro normal de nível 3 ou abaixo do deck, mostra pro respectivo oponente, e adiciona o monstro para a mão. Em seguida, embaralha os decks.