Mokey Mokey King RDS-EN036

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Mokey Mokey King RDS-EN036


Normal - Rise of Destiny


Stats: Fariy/Fusion/Effect - Level 6 ATK/300 DEF/100
Card #: RDS-EN036
Found In: Rise of Destiny
Description: "Mokey Mokey" + "Mokey Mokey" + "Mokey Mokey"
When this card is removed from the field, you can Special Summon as many "Mokey Mokey" as possible from your Graveyard.
Tradução: "Mokey Mokey" + "Mokey Mokey" + "Mokey Mokey" Quando esta carta é removida do campo, você pode Special Summon quantos "Mokey Mokey" forem possíveis de seu cemitério.